From two minds comes a long overdue breath of fresh air in the stratosphere of hard rock. A punk-metal hybrid spawned by guitarists Justin Sarris and Brooklyn Chase -Kiss of the King is a no-holds barred assault on your senses and emotions. The sound is aggressive, and the message cuts deep.

Brought forth by a push-and-pull effort from the co-writers -each song lands squarely between Chase’s emphatic lyrics, infectious melodies, and the relentless 6-string assault and old-school mindset of Justin Sarris. Avoiding the cliches of pop without substance, and conversely length without interest, their songs and arrangements will take you further then a 7-minute opus -in half the time, leaving their dedicated following always wanting more.

Holding nothing back, vocalist Brooklyn Chase is of a rare breed. Possessing the much sought-after ability to combine savage intensity with heart-wrenching emotion, and even switch back and forth on a whim, he is sure to become one of the most identifiable and electrifying frontmen of the era. The explosive nature of a KOTK live show is both a revelation to the mind, and a brutal assault on your conscience.

Expect Kiss Of The King.

Brooklyn Chase: Vocals, Guitar
Justin Sarris: Guitar, Vocals
Alex Domijan: Bass, Vocals