KOTK Industry Showcase

march 13 banner

Our friends at Rednyne Productions/The Live Agency have done it again, getting us a killer gig in the fine city of Vancouver! We’re proud and honoured to be headlining a show with so many talented bands, and look forward to sharing the stage with Not A Chew Toy, Free The Cynics, and The Stone Travelers (great gig for band names!)

We’re treating this as a bit of an industry showcase, inviting some of our more “connected” friends and contacts out to experience KOTK live, so more than ever we need your support! You bring the bodies, we’ll bring the energy, and TOGETHER: Atmosphere, baby. Serious Atmosphere.

Did I mention for the first time ever we will have MERCH?! Get your asses to The Media Club March 13!!
March 13 poster

Tickets available on Ticketmaster or via yours truly.


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