May Long Rock-A-Thon with KOTK!!


Goin away for May long? Have a SUPER COOL weekend planned in the bush!? Maybe near a hot spring, or in a “little piece of heaven” sunny clearing in the beautiful BC wilderness? Ya, THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN! You’ll probably bring a guitar, Do some mushrooms.. Experience some of the most profound and enjoyable moments you’ll have in your entire life…

Ya ok that does sound pretty rad. But for the rest of you who want to ROCK on the long weekend, and experience said profound moments to the soundtrack of some of the finest goddamn rock n’ roll that this city has to offer, then GET YOUR ASSES DOWN to Joe’s Apartment on Saturday, May 16!

MAY-16-KISS-OF-THE-KINGKiss Of The King w/ Marry Me, Dead Rivals, and Boy Breaking Glass is another stacked, exciting bill on a Saturday Night at a great venue. Thanks to The Live Agency and Joe’s Apartment for having us!

Let’s see if we can take that energy from the The Media Club in March and act like WE KNOW we have two whole days to rest our hangovers! Let’s get STOKED on being in the city where the music is, and fucking BRING IT to Joe’s Apartment !

And when your car breaks, or your friends bail, or it rains… you guys can all come too. We’ll have a good time.


Tickets $10 in advance. Contact us via one of our many social medias or pick em up at

Facebook Event Page

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