May 21, 2016 – The End of an Era, and The Search For a Bassist

Goodbye Cup


First off, for those who don’t know we have an EXCELLENT night of rock planned for you at Studio Records on Granville St. Kiss Of The King will be splitting a bill with our brothers in Bone State Rebellion!

MAY-21-BONE-KISS-PRINTSecondly, we are sad to announce the imminent departure of our bass player, vocalist, and all around rad dude Alex “Cup” Domijan. Alex has been a huge part of our live show and sound since our first gig back in 2014. This will be his last show with the band.

We’re gonna have some fun with our set at this gig, playing some of Alex’s favourite covers along with KOTK standards (ALEXISONFIRE? Rise Against? Story of the Year? YES PLEASE!), while continuing to rock the fuck out, as we do! We invite you all to come share this night with us. The last night of #KOTKLive as you know it, and likely the last #KOTKLive set for some time…

…As along with our search for a new bass player/vocalist (big shoes to fill!), Brooklyn and I will be hitting the studio later this year to start work on our new EP! We have so much new material, we don’t know what to do with it all. It’s spilling out of our pockets, littering the streets of East Van with little bits of metal and punk. It’s time to lay this shit down and start the next chapter!


I’ve been playing in bands with Alex since I was 18 years old. It’s been an honour to share various stages and jam spaces with him over the past decade. He’s a multitalented dude who has ALWAYS brought it live, and it will be bittersweet to rock out with him one last time. I hope you’ll join us!




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